Tuesday, June 21, 2005



Up on Two Mile creek

a murder of crows rising from a mess of grapes

out of green alleys

in laconic arcs


the Boho cru in four fark antiphonals

to the stag of a king tree

grey box foe of ringbarking Footers

Thundercloudworks accumulate.

Skyhigh caucus of cockatoos

folds silent as napkins

on the Quarter Acre fig.

A country mile above Sugarloaf

the constant wedgetails revolve
in thermal gyres

sunstruck from granite Bohobodhisattvas

outcropping heads and shoulders

greened with lichen tatts.

Under white netting


rip nectarine flesh

pits fall click.

on rock.

Sent to Black Inc Flinders Lane attention Les Murray Meter & Doler
of Best Australian Poetry 2005, Bush Imajism, post Jindiwhatmeworrybuck. Fly little birds.

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