Thursday, June 23, 2005

Consider Boris

Consider Boris, the actor 5 hours in the chair
Jack Pierce his creator
plucking his eyelids lashfree
days wrapped in cheesecloth
skull built up secured with metal clips
a silver rod through the neck
one highly flammable daemon at the casement
7 feet tall in his 21 pound wooden shoes
negotiating a bone china tea cup with difficulty
a ghastly grin wrinkling his lip
perusing additional dialogue:

“Did I request thee, Maker, from my clay
To mould me man? Did I solicit thee
From darkness to promote me?”

“You who raised me from unhallowed graves,
tortured the living animal to animate my lifeles clay
in your filthy workshop of creation”

“I have no name!
Botched from charnel, your improvised creation
carrion galvanised, hideous to behold
wlatsom as sea-changed flesh
You gave me no name Frankenstein
yours mine involute infinity sign
cut to our chase through snowblind wastes
eternally unkind.
Make me
mine own mate
I demand a creature of another sex
but as hideous as myself!”

Boris (to himself) I cant say this.

Mary: My brow is the creature’s brow
My eyelids his
My preface is by Percy
the creature strangles Victor’s little brother
my own sweet little William
I gave him your name
mea culpa mea culpa infanticida!

Mary: Dream my little baby came back to life
not dead only cold we rubbed it
before the fire it lived. (19/3/1815)


Anonymous said...

This is an excellent post father frankenstein. We here at the organisation feel your pain for having to help raise a monster of your own.

I do love that speech of the monsters. It in part inspired me for my drama solo on Lucifer. And now I’m not sure why.

But anyway, it looked lonelee with no comments, so I decided to step forward out of the dark fog of teenagerhood and leave it with some company.

Your daughter is more articulate on the internetty, no?

And so with terrible grammar, I say: Now of you goodbye then.

Love Bear.

Anonymous said...

my dearest bear Im very touched & pleased to have been inspirationalish &happy to have recieved a flash from the fog & intrigued by your sympathy for the monster that Mary of course had from the start. A noble soul maddened & baddened by unkind cruel treatment. A bit like our Ned, the iron man. Sympathy for the devil,Milton & the Rolling Stones have that in common. Discuss.