Tuesday, June 21, 2005

short & sweet playcomp

A play, 10mins max, entries close 12/8 to Alex @ theartscentre. Best 10 get produced. The Tropfest of the Theatre blogatees. Shorttime. The Prize is the Glory. Dramaticules. Think minimal How short can you get? Shorter than Sam Beckett. His last, 86? written in hospital death bed, WhatWhere, about torture. Timely. This is a chance for “the executive, the chef, the student, the accountant, the Man Next Door. Anyone.” says Alex the brochure. A possible cast of characters right there.
Sweet? A criterion? Turn of phrase, no more.
Let me count the genres:
An Acronym Tragedy DIMA DFAT SUNC SIEV
A Satyr Play, or The Up Jig: Vanstone & Ruddock with dildos, Bush as a talking twat, Johnnie with his head in the iconic Globite school case
A Comical History to wit:
Histry Straya in 10mins for 3 performers.
I shall keep myself posted.

Back in 10 mins

Thats better.
Histry Straya. Revisioned by Pauline & Les Fogittit.

In the beginning there was Nothin, right? Dont tell me blackfellas. Fuckall of them. Few hundred odd thousand. In the whole joint. Farmin nothin but flies till Cookie come.
When Cookie run up the flag, now that was somethin. One minute trackless waste, flyblown boongs
run it up the pole Real Estate! Crown Land! Bang like that. Monarchism when you think about it got somethin to be said for it. Possession possession possession.

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