Tuesday, June 14, 2005

gothicka botanica Mary Shelley 2006

Mary Shelley Monstered in the Park, en plein air, son et lumiere, after dark.The Female Prometheus (no knickers)
Big Idea ie Greg Carroll using gear from Melbourne Shakespeare Co. in May post Games or during the Dread Games as cultural relief. Who’s paying what when how
Me to adapt. En blog. Some day soon, scanned & encrypted in editable form, right here blogateers. A visit to the Botanical wd be in order. Lakeside I wot
Musick? Violin, guitar, organ, koto, percussion. Mix with Neo Gothic, Siouxie & the Banshees? Bauhaus?
Characters on stilts, built up, Bread & Puppets, Peter Schuman style, like the Moon & Sir Timothy Shelley MP in 1975
Polidori’s Story: The Vampyre, Nosferatu/Byron connection
Villa Diodati phantasmagoria. Its animals: 8 dogs, 15 cats, 3 monkeys, an eagle, acrow & a falcon.
Mary losing her babies, guilt & horror. The buried child revived
New Induction. More eroticks. Ken Russell’s Gothic
Scene review:
1 Induction Break-in at the Museo becomes
Exterior. Break-out. (Percy Golem? Maria Vampyra? John Clare & the Ghouls?). Some monstrous thing(s) is loose and it surprises substance abusing neo-romantics in the Gardens.
2 The Godwin Exhibition.
Interior. Gothick Expressionismus structure, Tower, Grotto, Pavillion, Laboratory, Crypt cum Bathroom for the crazy old wanker
3 The Birth of Mary.
Interior/exterior Mary W. hanging from a birthing tree in a loooong white dress
4 The Boyhood of Shelley
Exterior. Entrance to a fairy grot. Corporal punishment. X Fade to interior chez Godwin & Girlhood of Mary.
5 Chez Godwin.
Interior.Percy pays a visit, falls in love. Lovers chased out on to the (Exterior) foggy streets of London.
6 Byron at Home
Interior. Pubic hair in the post. Claire calls. Time to leave England.
7 Graveyard at St Pancreas
Exterior. Mary W. rises & advises, placates Godwin. Lovers elope to France.


1 Low Country Operetta
Exterior. Lord Byron sings of Ennui. Puts down fat ladies. Picks up Claire who sings of her love for the clubfooted one.
2 Travels with a Donkey
Exterior. Percy Mary & Claire buy a donkey from the transformative Trio.
3 Waterloo
Exterior. Byron looks up a fallen friend on the field.
4 O Come My Muse
Interior. Percy in the throes of composition. Mary interrupts.
5 Dream of an Imaginary Baby
Mime with pillow & blanket with Trio. Mary smothers Claire. Baby disappears.
6 Clubfoot to the Lake
Exterior. Mary & Shelley & Byron & Polidori prepare a picnic.
7 The Lake
Exterior. The quartet go sailing.
8 Mad Claire
Interior. Claire plays madly with a phallic doll to the distaste of Mary & Byron.
9 Polidori’s Story
Interior. Erotomanic Giorgio’s deal with the devil.
10 Interlude
Mary dreams of bones & a baby with the Trio.
11 The Musical Demise of Claire &
Interior. A dance of death.
12 Mary Writes
Interior. Mary starts Frankenstein, asserts feminist principles.
13 Percy Unbound
Exterior. Percy goes sailing against Byron’s advice & drowns.
14 The Heart
Exterior. On the beach Byron retrieves Shelley’s heart. The band plays the blues.

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