Saturday, May 21, 2005


Lulu half wakes with pins & needles in her right hand. Lulu slips it between her thighs & feels the bloodtide flow back & something very like the kiss of a sea urchin: her own lips opening to her own importunate little pinky.
Lulu sighs & settles to seduce herself, silkily on blue satin sheets. That pinky is a warm gun. midget love gangster…
But enough, there may be children on site… a simple blogger infected by the digital ocean of porn, via the digits, aaaargh, am I a virus, is the soul a gland? No more I must put on my firstnight weeds & away to the War of the Roses, Bell adapts Bard & I shall bear witness, be a martyr to the grand enterprise when next I address the ether.

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