Monday, May 23, 2005


give us this day our daily blog, the word made hypertext dwells amongst us, logolalia, forgive us our lapses, nay absence of sequential thought, for we are a stranger to logic & Rimbaud & Lautreamont are bad for us, for George Herbert & Herbert Amen.
John Bell whom the Brothers booted up very efficaciously has been boiling up Shakespeare & Melville for their essential oils. Henry 6 is 15 acts reduced to 3 on Power & Authority, the accession, over dead bodies, of thuggery after the breakdown of legitimacy.
The set by Stephen Curtis is dead ringer for a quadrant of ye old Nimrod theatre with vomitorium exit. The action is mainly in a meeting when it isnt at war. The world was filled with words, as it is. 50 odd characters for 16 peformers, my receiver was intermittently defective overwhelmed by rabbiting English counties, duchies, earldoms, old real estate in modern dress. The French were faggots in sneakers, shades, blue wigs. Joan of Arc jumped out of a Chines martial arts movie, very sassy & ended up in a shopping trolley, call it the Kosky influence. The fights were danced to the chants of soccer hooligans & riot police, call it the Berkov influence. Warwick in a white suit & Cockney accent. Know wot I mean? The Commons in black farce revolt gave great pleasure. Demos, the lethal dummy armed with a golf club. The Jack Cade sequences were a cut above:
“First kill all the lawyers”
There were many in the audience inc that death’s head the impeachable Fed. Attorney General. Wars of the Roses grows in my mind as an enquiry into leadership. The good king is weak. He avoids decisions, conflict but asserts, embodies, spiritual values He is murdered by “mishapen Dick” The worst prevails.

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Finn said...

A review! The most interesting review I’ve read on the web. Are you saying there were too many words?